A Few Ways On How Twitter Polls Could Come In Handy

News 10:04 April 2024:

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Are you on twitter? If yes, then it just got better! Twitter has recently developed a new feature known as twitter polls that is aimed at gathering public opinion and more so to also increase engagement on your twitter account. The polling feature comes with 4 answer options depending on the question asked and has a life line of up to 24 hours before voting is closed. Once the voting has started, you will be able to see the results as they currently stand in terms of percentages and at the end of the day, you will be able to make analysis after the poll closes.f1

You can be able now to make good use of twitter polls to make your experience much better on twitter. You can be able to ask for predictions perhaps when it comes to sports and polls could help you know the most preferred prediction. When it comes to the business arena, you can be able to gather feedback on a certain product and be able to change it if the feedback is negative. Furthermore, if you are doing a research on something, twitter polls could come in handy to help you gather the necessary information that you need.

 How to conduct more Participated Twitter Polls

Just like you have to keep improving your writing skills to be an expert; you have to change and better how you conduct twitter polls if you are to reap the maximum out of them. Fortunately, most twitter users react positively to the use of polls, and they will engage in almost any poll that is interesting to them. But how do you know what interests your followers? How do you make people participate in your polls? Stick with me below to learn more.

Build a Following of People you can relate with

Before you start conducting polls, research if the followers you have are in any way similar to you. Sometimes people just follow others for the sake of following, and this could mean that some of your followers do not share your interests or anything you have to offer. If that is the case, work harder to attract people by being clear about who you are. Make your profile visible, let your tweets say about what interests you, and begin following people who also share the same interests as you.f2

Use Four Options for more Participation

Generally, a twitter poll with four options tends to have more participants than one with two. Okay, in some occasions using two alternatives can help you make a decision on certain issues easier, but it may not receive the high voter involvement as using more options. Think of a question that asks people to vote among four famous musicians versus one with only two musicians for instance. Giving four possible alternatives will definitely attract voting from all the musicians’ fans, while the two option question could make some people who neither prefer your alternatives to keep off your poll.

Use Relevant Hash tags

Hash tags on twitter help boost participation galore. Whether it is a simple tweet you are sending or is an important poll you are conducting, include a couple of relevant hash tags onto it. For one, using a hash tag can help reach a group of people you wish to participate in your poll. Think of #soccer fans for instance. It would help reach out to more fans of soccer and probably participate in your poll.

Pin the tweet with your Poll

Pinning any tweet means that everyone visiting your account for the first time or anyone randomly checking your account out will see the poll. It will after all be the top tweet in your account, and this could greatly increase its visibility. In addition, pinning the tweet and letting the poll to remain active for as long as possible gives it room to attract as much participation as possible.

Write a Blog Post around the Poll

If you wish to take the conversation further, why not write a blog post related to yourtwitter poll and the feedback it received? However, only write about topics that received the highest level of engagement, as they mainly reflects the interests of your followers.