Buying Twitter Likes and Economy Growth

News 12:02 February 2024:

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There has been a recent trend in the world of social media that allows people to buy twitter likes. Simply, you get to have system generated likes that will be automatically sent to your twitter feed anytime you post something. No one will know that they are system generated but just you. The world out there will just see that you are getting many likes.

This has caused some opponents of this practice to insist that twitter is becoming too commercialized. Well, the truth is that social media in itself already became commercialized. Today social media is used more for business than it is for just social interaction. A large number of businesses have taken to social media to build their brands and take them to the next level. This is then a line that we already crossed. The fact is that it is not really a bad thing; as a matter of fact, if you look at it objectively, it is actually influencing the growth of social media in the right direction.

You see employment and business opportunities are arising in this sector because of such practices. The people creating the systems that are generating the likes are making money, the service providers are making money and the businesses that are buying the likes are growing their popularity and expanding their markets and ultimately growing their businesses. Look at it wholly and you will actually see that it is helping to grow the economy.